Unanswered Questions

Elizabeth Crocket

I sit beside the hospital window feeling a draft that sends shivers through me. A blanket of calmness wraps itself around me while I stare out at the bleak October day. As I listen to the geese that are flying by in perfect formation I have an overwhelming sense that all is as it should be. I don’t know who is responsible, who to thank for my hopeful prognosis. The generation that has passed before me? God? As gratitude washes over me, I am reminded how little we know of whose hands hold our fate.

after the storm
cradling branches

Hi. I’m a Canadian poet, who writes most of my poetry in Japanese short form (haiku, haibun, etc.) In 2014 a chapbook of mine, Not Like Fred and Ginger, published by Red Moon Press, was shortlisted for the American Haiku Foundation Touchstone Distinguished Book Award. This haibun (prose with a haiku) “Unanswered Questions” poem is from that book. It is also now in my book, Wondering What’s Next, published by Cyberwit.net Ultimately though, it is mine. If it’s too long, you would also be able to use just the three line haiku at the end if you wanted to.(My website is www.Elizabethcrocket.com and you will see my poetry resume on my Japanese poetry page.) ALL the best to you. I just learned of you today, but as a poet and someone who had a really rough cancer journey from 2010-2013

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