Fighting Cancer with Poetry (FCWP) is an initiative under the auspices of The Poet Life that was birthed to inspire the world to use creative and innovative forms of art to bring awareness and funding for ALL cancers and ultimately the cure for cancer. We seek to accomplish this goal through a series of exciting events and creative projects that tie poetry to a movement and give it a stake in the fight for the cure. FCWP has organized signature poetry events and developed cancer awareness projects at churches, various venues, and universities throughout the United States and beyond. It is also our goal to bring the therapeutic power of poetry into treatment centers throughout the country.

Why is poetry important?

Both reading and writing poetry is important because it allows one to examine themselves and to grow from the creative expression of their experiences. Not only this, but reading another’s poetry can give insight on a particular issue (cancer) or idea and can be of help in understanding the worlds of others. Most importantly, poetry simply allows the reader and writer to experience the beauty of the written word. One way to promote a student’s creativity, as well as to help a student see that writing poetry can be a fun and valuable way to expand their minds, is through participating in poetry workshops.

The Poet Life

At The Poet Life, Poetry is our art and we are committed to promoting our art by always delivering services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are continually growing our portfolio of poems and network of poets. We have the expertise and experience required to assess your needs and help you find the perfect act for your commercials, events or media projects. Our team is committed to teaching and sharing their artistic abilities with as many people as possible. We organize workshops for those who want to master self-expression, public speaking, poetry business, team building and many more. To find out more about The Poet Life, please contact us now.