Original Haiku & Art

Christine L. Villa

hospital bed
the way his eyes light up
whenever he sees me

Christine L. Villa, The Bluebird’s Cry, 2016

After my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, we fought this monstrous sickness with prayer and hope. I created this artwork as a tribute to him, for his appreciation of life and his strength in his faith that the Lord will provide. 

Christine “Chrissi” L. Villa is an award-winning tanka and haiku poet published in respected online and print journals. Her collection of Japanese short-form poetry is entitled The Bluebird’s Cry. She is the founding editor of Frameless Sky, the first haiku and tanka journal available on DVD, and of Velvet Dusk Publishing. She is also the new editor of Ribbons, the official publication of the Tanka Society of America. You can learn more about her at www.christinevilla.com.

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