Making Lemonade

Peg Runnels

Gather your lemons, your pitchers,
Your bags of sugar
And a long wooden spoon.
Clear a big space in your kitchen.
Clear your calendar.

Tell people you are making
Lemonade out of your new lemons.
Try to believe it.
Roll the lemons around in your head.
Sort them by size, color, shape, texture.

Select a lemon. Cut it open.
Look at the pithy inside.
Lick it. Pucker. Lick again.
Squeeze some juice down your throat.
Rub some in your eyes.

When you have finished crying,
Set to the job at hand.
Open the bags of sugar.
Empty them on the countertop.
Put some in your shoes for good measure.

While working, dodge incoming lemons.
Squeeze the juice.
Pour juice into the piles of sugar.
Rub into a paste. Daub paste onto walls.
Splash with water. Repeat.

Peg Runnels, 2-28-01, after breast cancer diagnosis

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